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LATEST NEWS: January 2016


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Harriet has a book deal with a publisher! Fantastic news!


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“As a serial procrastinator the Pitch to Publication course gave me structure, support and motivating feedback. It inspired me to actually get on and write the pitch I have been meaning to write for ages. I couldn’t have done it without PitchtoPublication.”   Harriet, Pilates and Running Instructor,



I took the course last year and it was brilliant. I secured a publishing deal in November 2014 and my book will be out late this summer- 2015. If you are looking to write a non-fiction book this course will definitely help you.” Natalie, PR, author and blogger at Just Because I Love You.   You can read Natalie’s experience of the course here on Britmums. You can also see Natalie’s book on Amazon.

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“I knew I needed help with a book idea that I’ve had for a while, but I wasn’t sure which way to go or who to ask. I saw the course advertised and it seemed to be just what I needed. I’m so glad I signed up, because Glynis and Liat have helped steer and focus my thinking, and shown me what I need to do to get my proposal in front of the right publisher. I also feel much more confident now about my book as an attractive proposition for both a publisher and a reader.”  Angela Sherman, Director at

“Having moved on to the Pitch to Features course after completing Pitch to Publication, it has given me insights into the world of features that will be really useful as I take this forward. I also feel much more confident now about crafting and pitching ideas, and the feedback on my actual writing has been extremely valuable…” Angela Sherman,
“Pitch to Features is another excellent course from Glynis and Liat – enjoyable and informative. They give really useful feedback together with pointers that will stand me in good stead for the future. The course content is accessible, motivating and realistic in its approach – I can’t recommend it highly enough.” Harriet, Pilates and Running Instructor

“Having had what I thought was a good idea for a non-fiction book for several years, what I needed was people with experience of the publishing world to help me hone that idea and steer me in the right direction. Your course has helped me focus on my book project and believe in it more, and I’m now determined to secure a publishing deal and go on to write other books. It’s also been great getting the guidance and support of people with their own experiences of publishing books, your knowledge has been invaluable so many thanks.” Sarah, Freelance journalist

“If you have a book in you but don’t know where to start, this course will show you the way.Laura, Journalist and Fiction author

“I am thoroughly delighted to endorse this course as I have already achieved 3 major goals:completing a writer’s biography, understanding how publishing in the UK works and researching my particular market, writing an overview of my self-help book and defining a framework in which to position the chapters. The course demands a certain discipline, and Glynis and Liat do a wonderful job of balancing the deadlines with support and understanding.”       Heather, Psychologist and Coach.

“I chose the course because it was run by two experienced journalists who had also published books.  I am further towards my goal of having a much clearer structure for the book.  The outcome for me was to have a draft proposal and sample chapter.  I found the phone session very helpful in developing an outline for my book.”  Rita, Trainer.

“I thought the course offered value for money.  I appreciated your flexibility when I was unwell half way through the course.  I never felt under pressure but supported enough to feel it was worthwhile finishing the course and getting valuable feedback.” Julia, Psychologist and Trainer.